Gharieni Libra Edge K – The new HydroSpa generation

Gharieni Libra Edge K – The new HydroSpa generation

The brand new „Libra Edge K“ is the latest development of our HydroSpa collection, and is an innovative highlight for every Spa.

The base
The base of the new “Libra edge K” is completely made of Corian®. The difference to our well known “Libra Flat” is the surface with specially formed edges, which offers a controlled waterflow to prevent flooding. The Spa bed is fully adjustable in height and also offers a zero gravity position. The heated, fully integrated water mattress ensures a perfect lying comfort for your guests.

The setting
Equipped with a shower arm of the company Kohler, the Libra edge K offers a variety of pre-programmed aqua choreographies via an intuitive touch screen interface. The shower arm and the heated water mattress feature LED illumination for intensive use in chromotherapy.
The built in music system is easily connectable via Bluetooth.

Steam and foam
Amazingly relaxing steam treatments are provided by the „steam emotional cocoon“. The intensive “steam cocooning” is an established treatment against Cellulite, increases the metabolism, supports Detox and helps loosing weight.
The “Soap-Foam-Generator” produces foam for pleasant foam massages.


• Intuitive Touch screen Interface and Orientable Shower heads

• “Full Stop No Drop” function

• Steam Emotional Cocoon

• Soap Foam Generator

• Full Corian® Bed

• Bluetooth built in music system

• Shower arm and aqua mattress with LED lightening system for chromotherapy