Gharieni MLW Transform

Gharieni MLW Transform

A world-new experience with relaxation secret!

With the MLW Transform, the Gharieni Group launches a completely new dimension of a "comfortable sofa“. In the twinkling of an eye, this elegant couch can be transformed into a spa table.

• Activate the electrically extendable rollers via the integrated touchpad.
• Pull out the seat section of the couch.
• Insert the cradle.
• Choose the right height. Ready!

The spa table with its rechargeable battery and pull-out cable is, of course, height-adjustable and provides a heating for a cozy feel-good experience. The creadle can also be adjusted in height and inclination for optimal comfort. The high-quality, elegant artificial leather cover of the upholstery is available in various designs and colors. For an individual look, the sofa can also be equipped with a real leather or a customer-specific cover.

MLW Transform - simply double relax!