Wellmassage4D wins Innovation Award for the third time in a row

Three prestigious awards to the Wellmassage4D! No one could be happier than the entire Gharieni team. The new signature treatment, which has been specially developed for Gharieni’s spa table MLX, convinced at national and international levels. Thus, in combination with the Wellmassage4D, the spa table won the Spa & Wellness Mexico Product Award for Best Spa Furniture 2016. In Vichy (France), Sammy Gharieni received the ESPA Innovation Award 2016 of the European Spa Association in the category "Innovative Spa-Concept". Furthermore, the Wellmassage4D won the WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARD in the category „Beauty & Body Care Treatments“ during the Beauty 2016 in Düsseldorf organized by the Deutscher Wellness Verband / Deutsche Wellness GmbH (German Wellness Association / German Wellness GmbH).

This treatment is indeed innovative and future-orientated! The Wellmassage4D, which has been developed in cooperation with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, the CEO of the Belgian Spa and massage specialist Tip Touch International, offers a complete new treatment dimension. Until today, your customers could enjoy their massages in a flat lying position only; but this has changed now due to the brand new body treatment. The crucial factors here are the eight pre-programmed lying positions of the spa table MLX in combination with the special Wellmassage4D. This massage combines stroking movements, a pressure massage, floating massage techniques and mobilisation by stimulation of the meridian. A unique treatment of the whole body with your customer in completely-relaxed supine position is thus enabled. Simultaneously, the treatment allows the therapist to work in ergonomically-optimised position as the new massage prevents imbalanced physical strain.

The Wellmassage4D unifies High Tech & High Touch to High Impact - for customers and therapists!

Wellmassage4D is available as 50min or 75min treatment and two different programs:
„RELAX“– to ease stress and tension
„DEEP“ – for intense work on different muscle groups

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The 8 positions of Wellmassage4D

At the beginning, the customer adopts the traditional massage position to "arrive" and get prepared to the upcoming symphony of touches.

The higher postion of 40° of the back and the light bending of the legs provide a relief in the lumbar spine. Head, neck and shoulder girdle are relaxed. This position allows the therapist to give a pressure massage without much physical effort.

The customer's knees stay in the same position, while the back is being lowered in a 10° position. Hands, arms, shoulder blades and the lower back can be treated back-protecting as well as the front torso to the waist.

The position of the back stays the same while the angle of the knees is being increased. The weight of the thighs is moved onto the hips, the thigh muscles are relaxed. These muscles can now be treated effectively with less physical effort.

Lower legs and feet are positioned above chest height to massage the foot reflex zones.

The legs are positioned one level higher, the back a little lower. This position supports the venous return of blood and of the lymphs coming from the lower extremeties.

The high position of the back and low position of the legs prepares the customer gently for the end of the treatment.

In the end the customer remains in a sitting position and is able to get up without effort afterwards.