Augmented Massage

A sensational sound journey for an unforgettable Spa experience.

The Gharieni Augmented Deep Tissue Massage builds a completely new journey between therapist and client.
Real time sounds, created by the touch of the therapist’s hands turn wellness treatments into a unique and exceptional live performance. The motion-to-sound medium, groundbreaking in the world of spa and wellness, is an unfiltered expression of human energy. This innovative technology generates a multi sensorial journey for both client and therapist.

Built-in sensors analyze the position and speed of the therapist`s movement in real time and transform it into sounds of deep relaxation to create harmony. A display will guide the therapist throughout the treatment to render the process effortless.

The Motion Wave technology, developed by reknowned conductor Jean-Marie Adrien is widely used in retail environments worldwide. In partnering with Gharieni, the leader in spa equipment, it blends the best of cutting edge and innovative technologies to bring a truly revolutionary approach to taking wellness to the next level.

The therapist is the artist.
The client is the audience.
The treatment is the symphony.

Gharieni augmented massage wellness concept

The Gharieni “MO1 augmented massage“ spa table includes:

• Computer-controlled IR sensor
• Bose sound system with 9 speakers
• High quality sensor arm
• Display for easy use
• Stand alone application – no additional room installation needed