The Ancient art of sand bathing, re-invented!

The luxurious design of the MLX Quartz offers an immersive alpha quartz experience that promotes deep relaxation, sensory stimulation, and a modern detoxfor the ultimate 21st century wellness experience. The warm quartz sand cocoons the body, and feelings of stress symptoms melt away as the bed gently inverts and the built-in massage system works to release tension and promote better circulation.

The MLX Quartz supports pain relief states and promotes immune systems function, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and peaceful. The gentle yet deeply warming effects enhances the integration of signature treatments, massages and the use of sand poultices – creating a premium experience for the guest.

Elevate your clients’ experiences with this natural wellness treatment offering a much-needed getaway from the stresses of daily life.

Gharieni quartz psammo concept




  • made of real wood
  • filled with alpha quartz sand
  • continuously adjustable heating system
  • two lifting columns for height and inclination adjustment
  • storage compartment and two drawers
  • face cradle
  • optional upholstery for massage
  • optional scent generator
  • optional Dynamic Flow System
  • optional Spa Ambience Light


  • Height: approx. 65-90 cm
  • Length: 216 cm
  • Length Square XL: 226 cm
  • Width: 86 cm
  • Lifting capacity: 130 kg
  • Load capacity of the bed surface: 150 kg

Integrated desk panels for easy adjustment of inclination and height during treatment.

Soft face cradle for comfortable relaxation in prone position

Optional upholstery for massage


This wellness experience is complemented with warm sand poultices and warm, fragrant oil. The gentle pressure massage with the heat-storing poultice allows targeted temperature stimulation and stimulates the reflex zones of the skin. This has an additional muscle relaxing effect and a reflex effect on the internal organs. At the same time, the entire energy flow of the body is activated and energy blockages are released.

The easy to use touch panel is embedded into the table and allows for seamless integration of controls without cables or other hazardous elements. All functions are pre programmable and can be adapted with one touch. Temperature, incline functions and dynamic massage system are all easily adjusted for an optimal and continuous transformative experience.

This function provides a fragrant enhancement to the experience, to transport the guest to a realm of heavenly scents and ultimate relaxation. With three integrated fragrance chambers that can be easily controlled via the touch display, each chamber can be filled with a different scent, allowing the creation of unique and ethereal fragrance combinations.

Enhance the treatment experience with the fully integrated massage system, which provides a gentle massage for the neck and back. This system is pre-programmable and features air cushioning that can inflate or deflate to create a wave-like sensation for guests to enjoy simultaneously with a traditional massage or other body treatment.

Also known as zero gravity, inversion treatment creates an ideal stretch that improves spinal health and targets back pain by helping to realign the spine, rehydrate spinal discs, alleviate nerve pressure, relax tense muscles, ease stress, improve joint health and improve flexibility

Incorporating advanced technology into equipment is a hallmark of Gharieni, and the integration of LED lighting into the MLX Quartz collection allows guests to be fully immersed in the treatment with subtle lighting features.

Making treatment rooms look clean and organized is simplified with Gharieni’s spacious storage compartments situated at the bottom of the treatment bed. These compartments are big enough to accommodate all the necessary items for treatments and can be concealed and kept out of view when not in use.

The quartz sand can be tailored to individual preferences, with the choice of natural or color coated options. For a truly extravagant experience, clients can choose from amber or Persian blue salt blends.

llluminated and heated salt tiles which generate negative ions to purify the air, can be optionally integrated into the sides of the spa table.


Featuring a mix of quartz sand and high quality Baltic amber.
For many centuries, amber has been recognized for its healing powers and as a stone of security, trust and salvation.

Amber has the following properties:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Detoxify the body
  • Provides an energizing effect
  • Brings peace & harmony


This innovative mixture combines the positive qualities of warm quartz sand with the beneficial effects of stone salt harvested from the Himalayas. Due to the adjustable heating of the quartz and salt mixture, the negative ions of salt are released creating ionized air to replicate the micro-climate of coastal areas.

Ionized Air can:

  • improve oxygen intake during inhalation
  • have a relaxing and soothing effect
  • stimulate the immune system and metabolism
  • provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects


This special mix of blue, white and grey quartz mirrors the oceanic panorama of azure colors. An ideal selection for spas and resorts located in coastal regions and thalasso centers.


The sand poultices are a great addition to the MLX Quartz as they come in various sizes to allow for diverse heat treatments.

Quartz Poultice Warmer incl. 10 quartz poultices

The Quartz Poultice Warmer maintains a consistent temperature for the quartz sand poultices. The heating system can be effortlessly managed from the front panel and an LED indicator displays the temperature status. The real wood frames are designed to match the MLX series, adding to the ambiance of your space. The cover aids in efficient heat storage and the larger model can even serve as a tray for the poultices.

Gharieni psammo concept quartzbed
Gharieni quartz psammo concept

Quartz poultice heater incl. 10 poultices

  • Table device for keeping the sand poultices warm
  • Also suitable for heating hot-stones
  • Made of real wood
  • In two sizes
  • Filled with alpha quartz sand
  • Continuously adjustable heating system
  • Including four large, two medium, and four small sand poultices
  • Practical cover panel to prevent heat loss inside
  • height: ca. 24 cm (9.4 in)
  • length: 63,5 cm (25.0 in)
  • width: 23,5 cm (9.3 in)

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