Psammotherapy (Hot Sand Therapy) was initially used in Ancient Egypt for medical treatment to treat a number of ailments ranging from scoliosis to inflammatory diseases. Today, psammotherapy is used in wellness and spa resorts to provide mental and physical relaxation. The Gharieni Group created a quartz sand bed to elevate the experience and provide supreme comfort to guests enjoying the multiple benefits of quartz therapy. Integrating aromatherapy, inversion therapy, undulating massage – all at a touch of a button truly renders unique and satisfying moments.

In 1980, on the island of Ischia located in the Italian Mediterrenean, Rita Blum immersed herself into a bed of hot sand and emerged completely rejuvenated and reborn. Upon her return to Germany, her husband used his carpentry skills to build a box like structure, integrated a heating unit and filled it with sand. Rita tested the sand bed and declared that it replicated the benefits of Ischia, thereby creating the first prototype of the now famous MLX Quartz. They soon began to commercialize their invention which elicited the attention of the Gharieni Group, a manufacturer of medical equipment at the time. They brought in the original inventor and collaborated to improve and refine the bed into a real design masterpiece, ready to enhance any décor or setting. High functionality with impeccable design featuring ancient therapy approaches to promote wellness in any resort or spa setting.

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No matter where you are located, whether in an urban setting, the jungle, or even a mountain, you can now ring the benefits of the quartz sand at the beach to your resort and wellness center and recreate the benefits of sand therapy. Fill your MLX Quartz bed with coated alpha quartz sand and provide guests and clients with a truly unique experience.

Why quartz sand? First it contours the body exquisitely so as to alleviate any discomfort by creating a cocoon effect and surrounding the limbs with warm sand. The sand itself retains heat at an optimal temperature to impart the full benefits of treatment and is easily controllable through a touch panel located at the foot of the bed. Treatment can be stand alone and the bed has a built in undulating massage component to gently knead the back and neck. Or it can be integrated into a number of body modalities ranging from quartz poultices, hot stones, singing bowls, wrapping treatments, exfoliating and many other treatments. There are no limitations to creating singular and unparalleled experiences for the guest.

Gharieni quartz psammo concept




  • made of real wood
  • filled with alpha quartz sand
  • continuously adjustable heating system
  • two lifting columns for height and inclination adjustment
  • storage compartment and two drawers
  • face cradle
  • optional upholstery for massage
  • optional scent generator
  • optional Dynamic Flow System
  • optional Spa Ambience Light


  • Height: approx. 65-90 cm
  • Length: 216 cm
  • Length Square XL: 226 cm
  • Width: 86 cm
  • Lifting capacity: 130 kg
  • Load capacity of the bed surface: 150 kg

Integrated desk panels for easy adjustment of inclination and height during treatment.

Soft face cradle for comfortable relaxation in prone position

Optional upholstery for massage


This wellness experience is complemented with warm sand poultices and warm, fragrant oil. The gentle pressure massage with the heat-storing poultice allows targeted temperature stimulation and stimulates the reflex zones of the skin. This has an additional muscle relaxing effect and a reflex effect on the internal organs. At the same time, the entire energy flow of the body is activated and energy blockages are released.

The easy to use touch panel is embedded into the table and allows for seamless integration of controls without cables. All functions are pre programmable and can be adapted with one touch. Temperature, incline functions and dynamic massage system are all easily adjusted for a supreme and continuous transformative experience.

A new Gharieni innovation to impart an olfactive component and to render the treatment truly multi-sensorial, the aromatherapy capsules diffuse a pre-selected scent to envelop the guest as s(he) is lying supine on the bed. Tiny diffusers located in the interior head section quietly release aromas to softly swathe the guest
into bliss.

Intensify any sand treatment with the fully integrated massage system that gently massages neck and back. Pre programmable, the air cushioning can inflate or deflate thereby creating a wave like sensation for the guests to enjoy simultaneously with a traditional massage or other body modality.

Also known as zero gravity, inversion therapy creates an ideal stretch that improves spinal health and targets back pain by helping to:
1. Rehydrate discs
2. Reduce nerve pressure
3. Realign the spine
4. Relax tense muscles
5. Ease stress
6. Improve joint health
7. Increase flexibility
8. Improve fitness & build core strength

Bringing high technology to equipment is a Gharieni trademark and the incorporation of our Spa Ambience Light to the MLX Quartz collection enables the guest to be fully encircled into the treatment with muted lighting features.

Projecting a neat and tidy appearance in treatment rooms is made easier with Gharieni’s spacious storage compartments located at the base of the treatment bed. Big enough to hold all the essential needs for treatments, they are stowed and out of sight when not in use.

The interior filling is also customizable and the quartz sand can be natural, color coated or for an even more luxurious experience, amber or persian blue salt mixes are available.

Illuminated and heated salt tiles, that can be integrated into the sides of the spa table optionally, generate negative ions to purify air.

Alternative quartz mixtures

Until now, the MLX Quartz only offered the basic quartz sand or the more exclusive versions of gold or copper-colored coating mixes.
Now, Gharieni offers a wide choice of color quartz and hybrid quartz mixtures, which can be customized to specific treatments and concepts.


Featuring a mix of quartz sand and high quality Baltic amber.
For many centuries, amber has been recognized for its healing powers and as a stone of security, trust and salvation.

Amber has the following properties:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Detoxify the body
  • Provides an energizing effect
  • Brings peace & harmony
Gharieni psammo concept quartzbed

Treatment with poultices

This wellness experience is performed with heated sand poultices and warm, fragrant oil. Using synchronized, gentle pressure massage techniques with the heat-retaining poultices allows to target specific reflex zones of the body while also stimulating the temperature of the skin. It works on the entire energy flow of the body to enhance muscle relaxation, release energy blockages and also positively affect the internal organs.
Poultice set is available with matching poultice heater to MLX Quartz, as a starter set or to be purchased individually.

Gharieni psammo concept quartzbed
Gharieni quartz psammo concept

Quartz poultice heater incl. 10 poultices

  • Table unit for holding sand poultices
  • made of real wood
  • filled with quartz sand
  • adjustable heating system
  • cover can be used as tray for poultice and/or product display
  • including four large, two medium and four small sand poultices
  • height: ca. 24 cm (9.4 in)
  • length: 63,5 cm (25.0 in)
  • width: 23,5 cm (9.3 in)

Sand poultice ‘large’

The poultices are reusable with washable cover. The stamps are finished and filled with alpha-quartz granules.

filled with 550g quartz

You can find our Psammo Concept here and in many more places.

Bring the beach with you

In the depths of winter, you can recall your last warm holiday and travel vicariously back to that feeling and immediately relax.

USP for your Spa

Increase your revenue and delight your guests with this innovative treatment.

Increased blood flow to the skin surface

The warm quartz stimulates your skin and ensures an increased blood circulation to the dermal tissues.

Perfect contouring

When lying on warm quartz sand, the quartz cradles and cocoons your body and provides ultimate comfort.

Perfect heat storage

The built-in heater warms the quartz to a pleasant temperature. The sand transports the warmth slowly and gently to the whole body and provides a comfortable feeling.