Mind/Body Wellness Technologies

Gharieni is more than a manufacturer of wellness and beauty equipment. Our aim is to offer a unique wellness experience for client and therapist. That`s why we develop whole Mind/Body Wellness Technologies that offer a strong USP for any Spa.

(for now only available in english)

RLX Aurasens

Experience Lounger

Immersive sound and haptic well-being. 

Augmented experience.

Music and nature’s sounds transport you to another place.

Landscape and dreamscape converge.

RLX Satori

Wellness Lounger – Advanced Vibroacoustics

An effortless way to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Wellness treatment for symptoms of low-energy, lack of sleep, anxiety and stress.

Supports behavioral change including weight reduction & addictive behaviors

Evidence Based

Augmented Massage

The 21st century massage experience

A choreo-musical harmony of movement and sound in nature’s concerto

Performance art for the therapist – embodiment of the art of massage for the guest

An augmented massage experience, intuitive and symbiotic – singular – every time. 

MLX Quartz

Immersive Alpha Quartz Experience

An immersion in alpha quartz sand– massage experience, with or without therapist. Enhances immune system, deep relaxation, pain relief. Reduces symptoms of stress. A signature treatment that can be combined with sound healing, aesthetics or as a standalone.
Evidence based.

MLX i³Dome

Triple Detox

Significant Improvement in wellbeing
Promotes detoxification
Dramatic sports recovery
Supports reduction of negative stress and depression symptoms


Binaural Vibroacoustics 

Deep relaxation for busy minds.Enhances mood. Reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. Improves conditions for sleep quality. Supports wellness for the management of chronic stress. Evidence based


Negative pressure body rejuvenator

Step into a wellness technology that is set to dramatically improve the way Lymphatic drainage treatments have been conducted in the past. Designed for use in the full area of the lower body, this unique technology, promotes lymphatic reflux, purification, and detox while triggering benefits that support skin and connective tissue tightening, vascular training and the acceleration of regeneration. The result is a contour that looks and feels, refreshed and radiant!

Libra Edge

A sensorial oasis of wellness hydrotherapy

Libra Edge is the ultimate synergy between technology and nature – creating an unparalleled water wellness experience that redefines hydrotherapy. A unique choreography of varying water temperatures and pressure carries each guest on a personalized journey of balance, invigoration, or deep relaxation. As the aquatic symphony unfolds, the power of touch, colour, scent and sound engages the senses to deliver an immersive, transformative and unforgettable escape.