Gharieni spa tables

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The handling of the MLW NEO is another milestone in Gharieni’s product development. The hand switch, which features the latest Gharieni double-click technology, is intuitively controllable and can be plugged in on both sides of the spa table, just like the foot switch. The integrated heating of the upholstery is also controlled by the easy to use hand or foot switch.

The MLW Neo can be raised up to 92 cm. An entry height of approx. 57 cm makes it easier to get in. The width of the lying surface can be selected between small (76 cm), medium (85 cm) and (large 92 cm). The armrests can be lowered to the side by Stabilus gas pressure springs.


NEO with super comfortable soft upholstery

  • Features like MLW NEO
  • Manual switch with double-click function
  • Height, tilt, backrest and footrest electrically adjustable, armrests lowerable
  • Head rest adjustable by gas pressure spring (positive/negative)
  • 4 actuators
  • PU- or synthetic leather upholstery
  • mechanically extendable castors
  • with super comfortable soft upholstery


  • Height, back, and leg section adjustment via three actuators
  • Head section +/- 30° tiltable
  • Adjusting the head area via pneumatic spring
  • Upholstery thickness: 8 cm
  • Available in wenge with black-brown corners and choco-colored upholstery
  • Including mechanically lowerable castors
  • Automatic locking function
  • Manual switch with double-click function
  • International voltages available


The Gharieni 601 combines the best features of a spa table and a treatment bed in one.

Multifunctionality at its Best.
For Any Purpose

  • Massage
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Facial
  • Hair Care
  • Make up


The Gharieni E-Line offers a perfect lying position and work comfort at the same time. The special feature: The compact base moves up with the lying surface and can be equipped with normal storage compartments as well as -optionally- with a warming drawer. This ensures both – optimal legroom and easy access to your working tools during the treatment.
Four treatment positions are preset, two additional positions are free storable. All functions are controllable via hand switch or optional Bluetooth foot switch. The pleasantly soft PU upholstery is available in sizes “Small” and “Medium”.


Equipped with storage compartments and an optional integrated warming drawer, the MLR K8 has the same features as our proven MLR Select models.
Two strong lifting columns, lowerable and swivelling armrests, adjustable head, back, leg and foot sections as well as an optional foldable foot section make the MLR K8 a versatile work tool. In addition, the couch is equipped with a Trendelenburg function and a locking function. Another option available is the Smart-Thermo, a programmable heating system with automatic shut-off, as well as a foot switch to control the basic and memory functions.


This unique version of the MLR spa table with its storage space in a retro design is an absolute highlight. The base with exclusive metal/wood design offers extensive storage space for towels and everything else you need for your work.
Like all spa tables of the MLR Select series, the Vintage has two strong lift columns, lowering and swiveling armrests, adjustable head, back, leg, and foot sections, and an optional fold-down foot section. In addition, the table is equipped with a Trendelenburg feature and a locking feature.
As an additional option, the Smart-Thermo offers a programmable heating system with automatic switch-off as well as a foot switch for controlling the basic and memory functions.


The MLR Select is the further development of the MLR Classic and, unlike its predecessor, has lowerable and swivelling armrests. The spa table is available in three different versions: Alu, Wood and Static. The elegant and simple design provides optimum space for the therapists` legs. Two strong lifting columns allow the height adjustment and the inclination of the bed. The lowerable armrests as well as the adjustable head, back, leg and foot sections make the MLR Select a versatile spa table. As an option, the bed can also be equipped with the integrated Smart-Thermo heating system and other features.


Gharieni spa table MLR

The treatment table MLR Classic is standard yet offers multi functionality for spas looking for a dual purpose table with features including, nose slot, incline positions, height adjustments, all electronically adjustable. Made of soft PU upholstery or synthetic leather, it is also available in an array of colours, cushioning and finishes.


The multifunctional treatment table.

spa table MLX Limber

The MLX Limber offers you unlimited and perfect flexibility! Our new massage and wellness table enables treatment positions that are unique and exceptional in their variety for bed positioning without limitations!

With the MLX-Limber series, Gharieni introduces the next generation of spa tables. Its amazing flexibility offers a variety of positions including sitting, half or head-down (Trendelenburg) to meet all your treatment needs. Adaptability for standard massage treatment to more enhanced or specialized treatments, the “Limber Flex” offers an infinite number of adjustment options as well as a modified top position. Our exclusive patented, double sided, lowerable pair of armrests has never been seen before and allows for usability of the MLX Limber on both ends, which makes it a truly multifunctional spa table with unequalled flexibility and offers new dimensions of treatment options.


Exclusively designed table for the spa & wellness sector.

spa table MLX

This multi-functional and fully adjustable treatment table encompasses all the best table features including removable arm rests, nose slot, incline positions, height adjustments, and large storage area. Made of durable PU upholstery or synthetic leather, it is also available in an array of colours, cushioning thicknesses and finishes.


Treatment bed with extremely low accessibility

Gharieni spa table MO1 Evo

The MO1 Evo astounds with an extremely low accessibility of under 50 cm (19.7 in). Adjustable and swiveling armrests are valued for their extreme comfort. The storage space in the base is flexible and configurable and can accomodate Hot / cool cabis either at the head and / or feet ends. It is available in many different decors and fully customizable to any décor.


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Spa table with heated water upholstery

Used for both facial treatments or whole body treatments the MLW Amphibia is a multi purpose bed that can integrate either a water feature with the use of a waterbed pad or a traditional upholstery pad. Enhancing the treatment experience with its illuminated pad option truly differentiates from a more typical treatment bed.


spa table MLW F1

The narrow base trim is the perfect solution for added leg room.

With configurable equipment. Height, inclination, backrest and footrest are electronically adjustable, the armrests can be lowered and swiveled pneumatically, the head part can be tilted +/- 30 °.


spa table MLW F1 soft
  • the same attributes as the MLW F1 Wood
  • up to 6 actuators to set the height, back, leg and foot section, also optionally available for armrests
  • pneumatically lowerable and swiveling armrests
  • locking function
  • with an extra soft upholstery
  • PU upholstery
  • 8 memory positions
  • mechanically retractable castors
  • international voltages available


Gharieni spa table MLW square
  • Spa bed with 3D case
  • Bed surfaces in three widths (S, M and L)
  • height, inclination, back rest and foot section electronically adjustable
  • memory positions
  • pneumatically adjustable headrest by +/- 30°
  • international voltages available

Wide range of accessories

In order to optimally adapt our beds to your specific needs, we offer a wide range of accessories, such as covers, gel cushions or additional storage areas.

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Large color variety

Customize your own treatment bed with our extensive selection of colours for upholstery and millwork to enhance your treatment rooms with our adaptable spa tables.

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Soft-upholstery options

For even more luxurious lying comfort, our extra soft upholstery offers restful, extra thick cushioning for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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