Gharieni 601

Multifunctionality at its best – For any purpose

The Gharieni 601 combines the best features of a spa table and a treatment bed in one:

  • Double lifting column technology for extreme loads
  • Fully electrically adjustable
  • Upholstery available in three widths: 75 cm (small), 80 cm (small-medium) and 85 cm (medium)
  • Upholstery in two thicknesses: standard and soft
  • Three headrests possible:
    1. Dual headrest with exchangeable face cradle,
    2. U-shaped face cradle
    3. Standard headrest with breath hole.
  • Fold-away head rest for free access to the head and neck (e.g. for hair care)
  • Thermal heatable surface to keep clients cozy and comfortable.
  • Swiveling, detachable side armrests for easy access
  • Laterally swiveling and lowerable arm support at the head section for effective massages
  • Can be operated via hand or foot switch
  • Four preset and two freely storable memory positions
  • 30 minutes automatic operation safety lock
  • Mounting for magnifying lamps
  • Mountings for manicure bowls under the lateral armrests
  • Available in many different finishes and fully customizable to any décor.

Mobile Footspa
The foot section of the 601 can be tilted down by 91°. This allows it to be perfectly used for foot treatments in combination with the optional mobile FootSpa.

Swiveling and lowerable arm support
The laterally swiveling and lowerable arm support gives the necessary space for facial treatments or to work on the head, neck, or décolleté area.

Holder for (magnifying) lamps
A surprising and handy feature is the extendable magnifying lamp holder made of stainless steel. Designed to fit the Circle LED magnifying lamp, it simply disappears under the bed when not in use.

Dual headrest
This newly designed headrest offers full flexibility for every requirement. Depending on preference, a round or U-shaped face cradle can be used.

Gharieni 601

  • Height: approx. 59 cm – 99 cm (23.2 – 39 in) (soft upholstery +5 cm (+2 in))
  • Length: max. 200 cm (78.7 in)
  • Width without armrests: 75/80/85cm (29.5/31.5/33.5 in)
  • Lifting capacity: 250 kg (551 lb)  / 400 kg (882 lb) (High Performance)
  • Load capacity of the bed surface: 300 kg (660 lb)  / 450 kg (992 lb) (High Performance)