Press Release of the ‘Neukirchener Erziehungsvereins’:

Gharieni – Children’s bus instead of Christmas presents

Neukirchen-Vluyn, 25 November 2021

A long-cherished wish has come true for the staff of the mother-child institution in the ‚Neukirchener Erziehungsverein‘: a children’s bus for the ‚Spatzennest‘ children. Thanks to the generous donation from the Moers-based Gharieni Group, which is foregoing customer gifts at Christmas this year, it is possible to buy a large-capacity pram.

In the ‚Spatzennest‘, toddlers are looked after in the mornings so that the mothers’ school and education are not interrupted or prevented by childcare. The children’s bus will significantly expand the radius for excursions and walks, as in addition to providing space for up to six children, it can also comfortably transport shopping, food or play materials. The vehicle is expected to be put into operation in a few weeks.

Johnny Gorter from the Gharieni Group presented the donation to Christina Riepe and Petra Kopf-Lier from the institution for mothers and children.

Founded in 1845 by Pastor Andreas Bräm, the Neukirchener Erziehungsverein is one of Germany’s largest child and youth welfare organisations. Together with its subsidiary Paul Gerhardt Werk, it cares for around 3,000 young people in ten German states – in residential institutions, in schools and with outpatient help. The Erziehungsverein is also active in the field of care for the elderly and the disabled, running homes for the elderly and residential homes and offering outpatient care. About 2200 employees work in the different areas of the diaconal organisation.

A vocational college for future educators and a training centre for deacons are also part of the organisation, as is a training academy.

The Erziehungsverein also owes its fame to its publishing activities, especially the Neukirchener Kalender, the most successful devotional and meditation calendar in the German-speaking world.

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