The new K10 series is the perfect furnishing system for your beauty salon or spa. These furnishings provide the perfect space-saving, innovative and modularly constructed service for your studio even in a small place.

Like a modular system that eliminates all joins of the surface which covers and encloses the units like a frame, the K10 series offers the perfect aesthetic order for your treatment cabin.

According to your needs and the size of your treatment rooms the framework basic model is available in three different versions: two, three or four built-in modules with a width of cm=107 to 207, allows you to individually assemble your room. You can also select the built-in modules, drawer cabinet and base cabinet modules as desired.

A particularly practical feature is the perfect integrated treatment unit Spa-Trolley HSTK10 module. The module on noiseless easy-running wheels can be easily pulled out and back from its unit for the treatment. The Spa-Trolley HST is equipped with an evaporator plus herbage device. The integrated FDS Foam Detecting System ensures a deactivation of the evaporator when foaming occurs by contamination. Furthermore the evaporator has a swiveling arm. At the same time the module provides plenty of storage space, telescopic tray, a drawer and a compartment with integrated hot-cabi. Also part of the Trolley for the magnifier lamp Flex is a storage compartment and the intake of the magnifier lamp.

All frames and built-in modules are available in numerous luxurious decors for the right presentation of your studio. An installation of an additional basin is also possible.

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