Gharieni Group provides relaxation beds for medical staff in Belgium hospital

During these difficult times our gratitude and appreciation goes out to the people who work in the medical sector as doctors, nurses or assistants. As a company that operates in the wellness and medical field, we have thought about how we can help with our products, even if we are not experts in intensive care equipment.
Besides the demands for good medical care, we see a highly overworked staff in the hospitals and nursing homes that deserve our attention. And for us, this was a point to start with.

We chose the Virga Jessa hospital in the belgium city of Hasselt which has more than 100 Covid-19 patients to care about at the moment, to support the medical staff to get the best relaxation possible in a very short time to recharge their batteries. That’s why we offered to provide our Gharieni Spa.Wave System, as well as several RLX loungers for the relaxation room of the staff in the hospital which met with grateful feedback.

During the Easter holidays Gharieni BeNeLux delivered the spa tables and loungers to the Virga Jessa Campus and they are ready to use.
We wish the entire staff at Virga Jesse Hospital and all other helpers around the world good health and strength.
Stay strong, well and healthy!

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