Gharieni wellness concepts

Gharieni is more than a manufacturer of wellness and beauty equipment. Our aim is to offer a unique wellness experience for client and therapist. That`s why we develop whole wellness concepts that offer a strong USP for any Spa.

Our concepts are combinations of high-end spa equipment, treatment and specially adapted accessories, for example our Psammo concept. Or innovative signature treatments, such as the Wellmassage4D, developed in collaboration with other experts specifically for the Gharieni treatment table MLX.

Psammo Concept

The unique treatment experience in warm quartz sand

The bath in the sun-drenched sand has a millennial tradition. Already the ancient Egyptians took “baths” in the hot desert sand to relax and for their well-being. Under the name “Psammo” (Greek “psammo” = sand), we bring the concept into your spa and enable a special experience of a hot sand bath far from the coast.

MLX i³Dome Detox concept

Triple Detox Therapy

The Gharieni Triple Detox Therapy „MLX i³Dome“ is the new generation of detox treatments. Combining Far Infrared technology with Plasma and Light, this spa table offers 3 ultra-effective detox treatment methods in one.

Spa.Wave System

Powernapping extreme through Quantum-Harmonic-Sound therapy

The Gharieni Spa.Wave System offers an extraordinary, effective anti-stress experience. The basic technique is Quantum Harmonic Audiotherapy, a unique combination of multi-layered sound frequencies. They produce gentle sound waves that are tuned to the brain, organs and energy centers of the body – powernapping extreme

Gharieni Celliss

The slimming revolution

Gharieni CELLISS brings a “whole” new approach to slimming treatments. The “Total Slimming System” (T.S.S.) technology allows CELLISS to treat “whole” zones at the same time. Celliss is an innovative body contouring device that doesn’t even need a therapist to fight Cellulite and help to reduce weight.


The award-winning wellness massage of a new dimension

The new signature treatment with eight positions has been specially designed for the MLX treatment table. This specially developed massage technique is a combination of strokes, pressure massages and sliding massage movements, mobilization and meridian stimulation – a unique whole body treatment that appeals to the body and the senses.

Gharieni & VOYA

Gharieni & VOYA have come together to develop 3 specialised treatments that encompass the whole body. Utilising the amazing benefits of the Psammotherapy (Hot Sand Therapy) – to increase the benefits of the VOYA Organic Seaweed therapies.