Unexpected research findings after treatments in the Gharieni MLX I³Dome lead the way for integrating the Fitness workout and Spa experience in the Guest Journey

Continuing its commitment to Verified Wellness, the Gharieni Group today, announces the results from the first part of continuing series of studies, on the proven benefits of the MLX I³Dome. This quantifies improvements in muscle recovery and wellbeing after treatments in the MLX I³Dome – following a workout.

This new scientific study, for the Wellness industry, looks at how this Gharieni Wellness technology concept bed dramatically cuts the recovery period for muscles after physical exercise while substantially improving a sense of wellbeing for the individual.

The study, The Impact of Acute Exposure to MLX I³Dome in Recovery After Intense Exercise: Effects on blood and muscle parameters, sport performance and wellbeing, published in May 2021 examined how the Gharieni MLX I³Dome was instrumental in:

  • Decreasing muscle soreness
  • Improving blood PH
  • Improving wellbeing

This new study series was designed by researcher Christophe Hausswirth, Ph.D., founder of the BeScored Institute; and in collaboration with experts from the University of the Côte d’Azur, the European Sleep Center – in France; and the University of Technology in Sydney Australia.

Summarizing his findings, Dr. Hausswirth commented, “Hands-free devices can efficiently increase one’s health capital – both physical and psychological. After conducting this study, we found substantial improvement in the body’s recovery after use in the MLX I³Dome and observe that this can have major impact on the world of wellbeing, SPA and sport.”

Gharieni’s CEO, Sammy Gharieni weighed-in with, “The world of SPA is gradually drawing away from the mere use of saunas and steam rooms as well as the usual implementation of traditional massages for sports recovery and wellbeing after exercise. We are in a wellness world that looks beyond traditional spa services to benefit its guests. We know that the human element is irreplaceable – and that the use of technology to create more efficient and targeted outcomes creates higher value for both consumer and the owner/operator who provides these products and services.”

He added, “We are very excited to have the collaboration of Dr. Hausswirth and his team in supporting our efforts to verify the benefits we know that our technology provides. What we found out is something completely new we didn’t know before. It turns out that this is a big door opener, and a game-changer that we had not thought about before. Building the bridge for Spa hotels and wellness offerings to provide a guest experience from the gym directly to the spa.” This in keeping with Gharieni’s brand promise for innovation, quality, and dedication to continue to elevate the wellness experience and proven benefits to the consumer.

More studies for Gharieni concept beds are in the pipeline and findings will be shared accordingly with the industry – bringing maximum impact to an individual’s health and wellness outcomes.

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