Gharieni presents illuminated Plexi Shield

The illuminated Gharieni Plexi shield is the perfect solution to meet all strict hygiene requirements while working on facial treatments.

The thermoformed and ergonomic Gharieni Plexi shield can be easily attached to the metal frame under the head rest of all Gharieni spa tables series MLW and MO1. The direct connection to the frame ensures maximum leg space for the therapist while working on the head section.

Furthermore, the direct connection to the frame makes any additional height adjustment unnecessary, as the shield automatically adjusts to the height of the spa table. The depth (distance between head rest and Plexi shield) is also adjustable.

If not in use, the shield can be detached and stowed easily and doesn`t waste space in your treatment room.

As option, the Gharieni Plexi shield comes with built-in LED lights, which are totally integrated in the Plexiglass. This way, the whole Plexi shield, incl. the LED lights is easy to clean and can be disinfected.

The Plexi shield set includes the Plexiglass shield, two rails and fixtures for easy assembling.


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