Sand and Sea Signature Treatment


Gharieni Group and VOYA join forces

Two leaders in the Spa & Wellness Industry coming together to offer the world a unique and defining blend of specialised treatments to deliver exceptional results whilst ensuring a complete calmness and serenity over the mind & body.

Gharieni & VOYA have come together to develop 3 specialised treatments that encompass the whole body. Utilising the amazing benefits of the Psammotherapy (Hot Sand Therapy) – to increase the benefits of the VOYA
Organic Seaweed therapies. When combined together the warmth, cradling and cocooning effect of the sand helps to soothe and soften the muscular tissue providing ultimate comfort. The specialised massage movements and applications of warm hand harvested seaweed products is intensified. The ultimate delight being an intensive but delicate all over body experience.

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Sand & Sea

Allow yourself to completely dissolve into a bed of warm quartz sand as your therapist uses specialised massage movements incorporating pressure points, Balinese and Hawaiian techniques to allow the muscles to be stretched and relaxed melting away any signs of stress and tension. Throughout the massage the warm blend of quartz and Persian salt will aid the body by the warm cocooning and contouring ensuring every area is fully supported and rested throughout.

Wrap & Facial

Serenity of the Sea

Whilst being cocooned in a blend of Warm quartz and Persian salt which massage your body softly aiding the lymphatic drainage and balance of the body you will be encapsulated in warm Laminaria leaves to increase the effects of the detox. And to harmonise with the body drainage your therapist will revitalise the face with luxurious exfoliation and masks complemented throughout with a toxin drainage digit pressure massage. Leaving you revitalised form top to toe and inside out.

Massage, Wrap & Facial

Treasures of the Ocean

Awaken all your senses to this complete package of top to toe wellbeing. Utilising the healing properties of the Quartz & Persian salt to support the bodies contours throughout the treatment and to promote physical  relaxation, lymphatic drainage & body balance. Alongside the exceptional benefits of using VOYA organic hand harvested seaweed to further aid detoxification, reduce inflammation and increase the skins rejuvenation. This combination will calm your mind, your body will feel completely rested, relieved of aches and pains and refreshed.


  • Inspired by ancient rituals
  • Healing energy from warm mineral quartz – Stimulates blood flow, aiding a healthier skin and body.
  • Contouring – Warm quartz cocoons and cradles the body, providing ultimate comfort.
  • Inversion gravity included
  • Increase revenue – Strong USP for your spa and high ROI


Wild hand harvested seaweed from West Coast of Ireland. From sea to skin we maintain the unique purity of the seaweed.

Seawater and blood plasma have almost identical composition = Perfect solution for the body

Scientifically proven to contain the 5 strongest antioxidants for skin protection, increase production of Collagen 1 and increases moisturisation levels

The vitamins and minerals found in seaweed help reduce signs of aging, calm and soothe, detoxify, repair & strengthen.

Key benefits

The quartz is sourced locally to Gharieni head office. As well as the wood bed being made from local wood and a local manufacturing. The seaweed used within all VOYA’s products is hand harvested form the west coast of Ireland. This ensures it can completely regrow within 8-12 months. By hand harvesting there is no damage to the ocean bed and also allows the protection of any wildlife.

Frequencies in the Body
Our body cells naturally sit at between 62-68 Hz. When this drop happens caused by stress, pollution, bad food and motion habits many problems and sicknesses will find its place. Using different frequencies – singing bowls, essential oils, quartz we can boost our frequency to maintain healthier balance. This can be a sensory balance as well as through application. At the same time working through our limbic system to balance our emotional state of mind. These are influenced by using both the Quartz bed and the VOYA products.

Within the quartz blend we have Persian blue salt – this has a combined effect on the body of boosting the anti free radical action, reducing tension, stimulating the immune system as well as the metabolism. Within the salt are negative ions which increase the levels of Serotonin – Better known as the happiness factor. The seaweed will also increase the skins natural defences strengthening against the harmful effect of free radicals, boosting the immune system and stimulating the metabolism.

Seaweed is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can cross the epidermis junction of the skin. Here they have the ability to naturally stimulate collagen 1, that boosts the skins anti aging mechanism. When combined with the movement of the quartz the effect on the collagen is increased to further benefit the strengthening the fascia’s which in term aid movement. Creating better personal wellbeing.

Both Seaweed and Quartz aid the lymphatic flow around the body assisting in flushing out the toxins.

Quartz has the ability to promote self healing within the body and the skin. Seaweed has a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Helping to strengthen the skins natural defences.

The Quartz bed has specialised heat methods that open the pores on a deeper level allowing for vitamins and minerals from the seaweed to be absorbed further. This better absorption allows for more intensive results

Both the quartz and seaweed combined aid a more natural deeper sleep. Ensuring both the body and mind are rested and relaxed. Resulting in better healing, easier movement and more energy.

Gharieni is recognized as a global leader in providing high quality treatment tables and equipment to the Spa, Beauty and Wellness industries for almost 30 years. A business initially created for medical grade equipment, it has significantly evolved to incorporate high design with unique functionality for all types of equipment and furnishings.

Present in over 100 countries and found in luxury hotels, spas and resorts, Gharieni offers a wide range of original concepts, features and designs that have been amply accredited and rewarded for their innovation and distinctive approach.

Starting in 2012, Gharieni began developing wellness concepts integrating equipment into protocols. The MLX
Quartz bed was an instant success and heralded as a trend-setting movement which continues to be extremely popular to this day.

VOYA is a journey that began in 1912 when the first seaweed baths opened in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Seaweed bathing is a 300-year-old tradition and Ireland‘s only indigenous therapy. VOYA opened a seaweed bath spa in Strandhill in 2000 and is today one of the busiest bath houses in Ireland.

VOYA takes pride in an authentic heritage and handharvesting seaweed from the fresh waters of the Atlantic coast. VOYA is now a multi-award winning lifestyle brand boasting certified organic skincare, a nurturing ethos and a human and tangible relationship with its core ingredient – seaweed.

VOYA is to be found in 37 countries, over 6 continents. We are a global provider of luxury retail, spa products and treatments.