Touchless Technologies: What you need to know

Gharieni offers some of the most innovative Mind/Body touchless technologies on the market, providing quality treatment experiences without the need for much person-to-person contact. This is especially good news in light of some of the key conditions, from the pandemic, namely staffing shortages, and lingering concerns with infection risks.

“Touchless technologies can make a valuable contribution to your wellness offering in many ways. By adding value to spa protocols in treatment rooms which traditionally only generate revenue when a therapist is involved, or integrating them into non-revenue-generating spaces, turning them into sources of income.” -says Sammy Gharieni (Founder & CEO)

Here’s a closer look.

Gharieni’s Mind/Body Wellness Technologies have been designed to work both individually and as stand-alone treatments, and also to be integrated into a spa’s treatment menu to create bespoke treatments and offer unique experiences.

Adding a Wellness Lounger, for example, offers the opportunity to deliver a touchless treatment in a room which traditionally only generates revenue with a therapist. Additionally, it creates revenue generating possibilities in traditional non-revenue generating areas such as waiting lounges, relaxation spaces, club and concierge floors just to name a few.

Additional benefits of touchless technologies include the delivery of consistent results and reduction in therapist fatigue. Additionally, they offer a solution to prevent lost revenue due to unexpected unavailability of staff.

One thing we know for sure is that the pursuit and delivery of meaningful experiences should remain the main priority for any wellness space – one that combines innovative products and services to provide value and align with what’s important to guests.

In a nutshell, touchless technologies will add value to spa protocols in treatment rooms which traditionally only generate revenue when a therapist is involved. Additionally, integrating them into non-revenue-generating spaces will create new sources of income.

Spotlight on:

RLX Satori Wellness Lounger

Gharieni’s RLX Satori Wellness Lounger provides clients with an effortless way to improve their mental and physical wellbeing while creating a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience – without the need for a dedicated therapist.

To learn more about Gharieni’s RLX Satori Wellness Lounger, follow this link:

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