Gharieni MLX i3Dome – Triple Detox Concept wins Innovation Award

The brand new Gharieni Triple Detox Concept “MLX i3Dome” wins the Innovation Award 2020 of the German Wellness Association in the category “Body Care and treatments”.
The award, which is normally presented during the FIBO trade show was held via a live webcast on youtube on April 5th this year.
We are honoured and proud to win this award with our brand new product.

MLX i3Dome – The Ultimate Detox Booster
The Gharieni Triple Detox Therapy „MLX i3 Dome“ is the new generation of detox treatments. Combining Far Infrared technology with Plasma and Light, this spa table offers 3 ultra-effective detox treatment methods in one.

While the Gharieni FIR-technology stimulates the metabolism and the perspiration of the body with long-wave infrared rays through the MLX iDome, the additional Plasma- and Light-Therapy device (PLT) at the head section provides visible skin rejuvenation and detoxification already after the first use. Using the three therapies in such a well thought-out combination is much more effective, as all three therapies support and multiply the results of all individual treatments.

The Gharieni MLX i3 Dome concept works as a stand-alone therapy, where no therapists is needed. After the client is positioned on the MLX iDome and the PLT device, no hands are nessessary to support the Gharieni MLX i3 Dome detox therapy.

Read more about the MLX i3Dome – Triple Detox Concept here:

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