Author: Alina M. Hernandez

The Age of the Hybrid Spa Experience

Every day the headlines are filled with ways in which technology combined with AI – Artificial Intelligence is propelling us to a different experience of living and experiencing. These developments are beginning to redefine the delivery of Wellness services – and usher in the age of the hybrid spa experience!

With the introduction and integration of Mind/Body Wellness technologies into the spa, owner/operators have a unique opportunity to improve on existing models of the Spa offering or even revolutionize their menus, while being true to their own unique USP. Technologies that deliver evidence-based wellness benefits instead of just providing the quick fix of bio-hacks come out ahead bringing benefits and value to the end-consumer for their wellness spend. Think far-infrared with its detox and sports recovery qualities; or binaural vibroacoustic with its powerful anti-inflammatory and brain entrainment qualities.

Consider reworking the old Spa “playbook” and try new things that both deliver real wellness benefits to your guests, while providing unparalleled journeys. Combine the perennial of human touch, in traditional spa services, with the accelerated wellness of Mind/Body technologies.  Consider the added value to your spa by adding technologies that can alleviate the service provider shortage while incorporating a robust element to your business projections – having a potentially very positive effect on your ROI.

Combining the art of ancient healing with the science of well-being, the technologies can be experienced alone, or in combination with spa treatments to harmoniously elevate the wellness experience. Create hands-on with touchless experiences to enhance mental fitness, aesthetics and provide well-being optimization.


Touchless technologies bring hybrid treatment offering to life – harnessing the best of spa and wellness practices with the accelerated power of 21st century innovation where the net winner is the guest experience!

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