Author: A.Hernandez  

Authentic Wellness, it’s time to change!

Gone are the days where pampering is the sole objective of the Spa and Wellness experience. It is now an established well-known fact the net winner of the pandemic era is Wellness – and not just any wellness – but that which delivers on disease prevention, healthy aging, and all things life optimization.

Add to this situation a consumer that is now seasoned and empowered with the ability to verify claims, and facts. This means that Wellness brands are being challenged to be part of an eco-system where the wellness offering must deliver an authentic experience to claim the hearts and minds of the Wellness consumer!

A meta-analysis published in January 2020 concluded unambiguously that “authenticity, or the feeling of being true to oneself, is key to both well-being and employee engagement.” Furthermore, Authenticity is associated with greater well-being and buffering negative effects. 

Brands will need to work harder to deliver reliable information about the promises they make and balance scrutiny and authenticity. Consumers’ desire to know potential outcomes will manifest in the development of predictive technologies that can anticipate real benefit as evidence-based Wellness.

At Gharieni, we know the benefits of our Mind/Body Wellness Technologies are “Verified” by science. This is paving the way to transforming the Guest experience with proven wellbeing outcomes – all about authenticity and our brand promise to deliver results.

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