Gharieni Group retains title as Forbes Travel Guide Brand Official 2023

Gharieni’s exceptional quality and innovation have once again earned them the prestigious title of Official Spa & Wellness Technologies and Equipment Brand for Forbes Travel Guide – the global authority on luxury travel. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Gharieni has been selected to represent the best products and services in the luxury hospitality industry. As the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas, Forbes Travel Guide demands exacting quality standards and core values that Gharieni embodies.

According to Sammy Gharieni, CEO and Founder of the Gharieni Group, “This exceptional recognition by Forbes Travel Guide serves to reinforce our commitment to excellence and innovation. At Gharieni, we strive to deliver a memorable and impactful treatment experience for both guests and providers in a verified manner, ensuring the delivery of exact health and wellness benefits for those seeking products and experiences that truly work.”

Gharieni already boasts an impressive collection of titles and awards. The brand’s promise of authenticity and delivering results is evident in their approach to creating unforgettable experiences for their guests.

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