Welnamis Wins Best Wellness Equipment Award

Welnamis, one of Gharieni’s most loved Mind-Body Wellness Technologies, has won the Grand Prize for ‘Best Wellness Equipment’ at the Perfect Spa Awards in Poland.

The Perfect Spa Awards is an annual event that celebrates excellence in the spa and wellness sector. in Poland. It brings together spa professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to recognize and honor the best in the industry.

This prestigious award recognized both Gharieni’s and Nova Group’s commitment to providing the ultimate wellness experiences and promoting a healthy lifestyle through innovative technology.

Gharieni’s partner, Nova Group have been instrumental in introducing Welnamis to the Polish wellness industry, helping to make it a success. The company’s efforts were dually recognized on the evening of the Gala, where Wojtek Dobrowolski -Director of Nova, accepted the award. With his team by his side, together they celebrated this momentous achievement.

Using the power of sound and vibration therapy, Welnamis offers users an immersive experience that makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of relaxation. Like meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity while synchronized vibrational frequencies act on specific energy centers of the body.

The technology is clinically proven and was originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) in American war veterans. Today, it is used in spas, wellness centers and also residential settings around the world to help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, improve conditions for sleep quality, enhance mood and help support the management of chronic stress.

The evidence-based results are the best part, assuring wellness seekers that the benefits go beyond just bio-hacking and enable them to achieve their intended goals with confidence.

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